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PCIe development board PCIe x4 Cyclone IV GX support DDR2/DIMM 64BIT DDR533/DDR667/DDR800 fpga board fpga development board

Price: US $299.00 / piece

Including, PCIe driver source code, PCIe FPGA code, DDR2 DIMM driver source code, VC visual interface source code, you can modify the source code. Developing your products. Quartus II 13.1 EP4CGX50F23I7N 299 USD. EP4CGX75F23C8N 350 USD.

EP4CGX50F23I7N 299 USD.

EP4CGX75F23C8N 350 USD.

Development Board Description

ALTERA Cyclone IV GX Development Board


DDR2_SDRAM: Support 1024M bytes /2048M bytes /4096M bytes (64 BIT) DDR533 DDR667 DDR800

SPI_FLASH :M25P128/ 128M BIT (Configure FPGA)

CLK_INPUT:27MHZ,25MHZ,and one user clk input

One key input

on-board 4-bit LED light-emitting diode

You can use I/O 82 , support 3.3V 2.5V 1.8V 1.5V

Support the differential signal LVDS

Power input DC12V or PC board PCIE input 12V

Package list

•1 X PCIE X4 FPGA Development Board
•1 X 88E1111 1000M Ethernet Module
•1 x SODIMM 64 BIT DDR2 memory / 1024 M bytes /DDR667
•1 X USB BLASTER downloader (high speed / FT245 + EPM240)
•1 x Power adapt DC-12V /1A
•6 x The pillars