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iCore FPGA ARM Dual core board STM32 CYCLONE4 FPGA development board

Price: US $188.00

"The CPU + logic devices"

The combination of the tiger balm (iBoard electronic school is based on this), in order to recommend to more friends, iCore was born. It includes the ARM/FPGA dual core. ARM used today's most popular and highly cost-effective STM32 series; FPGA USES the latest CYCLONE fourth generation through the bus connection between them. Arm focus on software functions, the FPGA algorithm and parallel processing, can be combined.

Through iCore, we can spend a money, learn two knowledge; More profound understanding of ARM and FPGA system interconnection, so especially suitable for the student group. In addition because iCore advantaged advantage, it is particularly suitable for a variety of electronic design competition, the early stage of the product design verification, etc.