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EP4CE10 altera fpga board fpga altera board + fpga development board

Price: US $23.90 / piece

1. Onboard ALTERA FPGA EP4CE10E22C8N chip
2. Onboard JTAG interface ,download SOF or .JIC
3. Onboard 50MHZ active crystal input, and other Crystal oscillator pad not use.
4. Onboard 2 key input ,can proggramer , and a nConfig key
5. ALL IO all leads,total 73
6. on-board 8-bit LED light-emitting diode
7 EPCS16/or M25P16 , (if Power down save Program)
8 VCC and GND have PIN out

Shipping list:
1 X EP4CE10 board
4 X The pillars
1 X USB power